Principles of digital audio Part 2

In a typical computer sound card is already in a simple record playback is difficult to achieve an even quality of a good CD player, not to mention to “bail out” potential characteristics introduce now the higher frequencies and the bit. This happens because a computer map is largely dependent device receiving power from the […]

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Principles of digital audio Part 1

In previous issues of the magazine I was told a little about computer sound cards and software for audio and music material. However, it was designed for readers, one way or another familiar with digital audio in General and computer application in particular; the majority of potential users of these technologies have arisen, most likely, […]

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The history of the orchestra

The word “orchestra” over what you invest in it lately. Translated from the Greek verb “organic” means “dance” and “the orchestra” – a semicircular area of the where he sang and at the same time, rhythmically moving choir (he was an indispensable member of every Comedy and tragedy). The history of the orchestra After heaps […]

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The history of folk music

From creation to production one of those people has been moved a enormous quantity of musical and poetic performs. Their combo integrates what’s named folk music, perhaps not folk songs or songs tunes. Folk music a area of this folklore and customarily transmitted “person to person” which isn’t in prepared form. This ought to take […]

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Music in advertising and marketing

Very often we can’t imagine what kind of work is behind the “unobtrusive” music from the supermarket. It’s all carefully calculated based process which aims to influence our decisions. Companies understand that visual effects is no longer enough to attract buyers, and use every opportunity to influence all our senses. For anybody not a secret […]

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Man from Mars

Became one of the greatest musicians – David Bowie. Man from Mars, as many called it, which he basically was, and a man on a global scale. Singer, actor, artist, producer, sound engineer, anyone – Bowie was all at once. People, which goes from measurement to measurement. It is hard to imagine modern music without […]

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