What is the value of music? Part 1

Enough to meet someone who would be indifferent to music. It is an integral part of our lives. We hear music constantly, she is present in almost every minute of our day. Yes there is, we Wake up to the music, because most uses songs instead of annoying alarm sound. But despite the abundance of music, we do not know and do not notice its benefit for us. We just take it for granted.

So today we’d like to tell you about the value of music in our lives. Get ready to like her even more. Music will help to achieve success In an interesting article, the author expounded his ideas on the relation between the success and musical activity. Many famous and successful person was once involved in music (and most of them not gave it up), so cannot help but think about how did music school on the overall success of the person. And it’s not even that the music develops creative thinking. That is to say, a pleasant side effect. Anyone who has learned to play an instrument, or mastering other musical art can tell you about the difficulties you had to face. And not to rely on “someone who can tell”, below, describes the qualities that are developed during music lessons (based on personal experience of the author):

Responsibility Music school is sometimes more strictly educational. And if you asked for a week to memorize the product — be kind to do the job. It plays a role not so much the anger of the teacher, as the ability to easily drop out of school. And as you well know, training is not free. So a visit to the music school develops a sense of responsibility, and in the future, you simply will not be able to score on a particular job, you need to perform.

Punctuality is a music lesson like any other, starts at a certain time specified by the teacher. If we are talking about a music school, in case of delay you most likely will not be allowed into class. With private lessons it’s much easier — you pay for the time of the teacher, and if paying for the hour you were late for 30 minutes, includes about a half hour left. And, it turns out, half of the benefit from the lesson you have lost.

The ability to manage your time most Often the music begin to engage more at school age, then the child needs to learn to allocate your time so that you can finish after normal school to come to the music and then do homework, which in music are also present. And, of course, more desirable to have time to rest.

Endurance As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the load per person is large enough, so not everyone will be able to sustain this rhythm of life. But despite all the difficulties, this music builds character.

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