Named after Earthwork Farm, the collective’s place of origin in Missaukee County, Earthwork has become a Michigan treasure, having developed a collaborative musical platform, a legion of alliances and an epic soundtrack for community resilience in the Great Lakes region and beyond. 

Born from the American roots tradition and united in place and purpose, Earthwork Music has created a new model as a collective of independent artists using music as a tool to raise awareness, to mentor the youth, to build community and celebrate local culture, to uplift individuals and communities in times of need, and to encourage courageous engagement in the good work that needs to be done, both locally and globally. We have created a versatile organization that serves the community to which it’s members all proudly belong. A cultural presence that grew from the ground up and belongs to the people. An organization that releases albums, supports small farmers and facilitates music programs for kids. An alliance of songsters that has cultivated long term working relationships with a wide range of groups and individuals engaged in social justice and environmental work, and most of all, between musicians, across genre and age, across the region. 

Earthwork Music has actively fostered a musical culture of cooperation, collaboration and mutual admiration, aimed at honoring the elders and serving the young people. And we all have a whole lot of fun playing music together.