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Musical theory

In this section we will talk about the elementary theory of music, teach music notation and much more.

Folk music

Musical and poetic creativity of the people, an integral part of folk art, which exists, as a rule, in oral form, passed down from generation to generation.

Classic music

Read about one of the music genres, which started in the middle of the 17th century and develops to this day.

The Importance of Music in the Life of Modern Man

It is difficult to imagine the life of a modern man without music. It surrounds us everywhere. It comes from the screens of TVs, from tape recorders and radios, from computer monitors. It is about music that it has become the language of happy and unhappy people. The propensity to listen to music goes back to the primitive society, in which instinctively the person felt the need to produce and listen to rhythmic sounds that act most beneficently on the psyche.

With the help of music they relax and rest, they enjoy and experience peaks of recovery. Guided by their own moods and state of mind, we prefer these or those musical genres. Young people do not at all blot out their lives without daily listening to their favorite hits. Many people are engaged in music professionally. They perform different compositions on their favorite instruments.

Nowadays, audio education isn’t required, and never as prestigious as before. Formerly, it had been decided to greatly offer youngsters to audio universities: musical knowledge was handed significance that was quite good. Today the priorities have moved only a little, and learning music is known as more a whim when compared to a prerequisite. However in vain: the musical knowledge of youngsters is definitely an essential section of their progress that is unified. It may look for the parents the decades invested in the music-school were in vain. In fact, music schooling isn’t simply learning how to play a certain instrument, but also developing judgement, ram and conviction.

However, how can music develop logic and mental abilities?

In our age of digital technologies, the surplus of unnecessary information of the body, radio broadcasting, the Internet, social networks, entertainment industry, is designed for the undemanding taste of the consumer. Those who are at the head of the commercial entertainment market are concerned only with money. There is a process of forcible planting of bad taste. In the 21st century, too little time is devoted to the development of the spiritual world of the younger generation.

Education and musical education are an integral part of the overall process aimed at the formation and development of the human person. Therefore, we cannot consider them as a separate branch of knowledge. It is established that schoolchildren who are perfectly engaged in music successfully study and in general subjects, and life repeatedly confirms the presence of gifted musicians of outstanding abilities in general.

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