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Man from Mars

Became one of the greatest musicians – David Bowie. Man from Mars, as many called it, which he basically was, and a man on a global scale. Singer, actor, artist, producer, sound engineer, anyone – Bowie was all at once. People, which goes from measurement to measurement. It is hard to imagine modern music without […]

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History of development of musical genres and styles

Continuing the set of posts about music principle, we’d really like to inform you about the way that it has been developed and formed that the songs from itunes. Next write up, you’ll by no means confuse tunes together with the audio mode. Thus, first let us go through the gap between your notions “style” […]

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Musical theory: Chords

Tranquility may be the Affiliation of notes of looks in tranquility and series. It’s required for a far more total phrase of this is of tunes or mix additional tunes and it. Triad. Triads kinds As previously mentioned previously, the triad — a note comprising three notes. They are available in 4 kinds: Big triad […]

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What to Write in a Review

What is the goal of a review paper? A perfect review is maybe not meant merely to be engaged in a number of affiliate sales … well, at least it has not to be. Now, understand me in a correct way. I cannot say that I argue against this idea; but it sounds just if […]

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