Principles of digital audio Part 2

In a typical computer sound card is already in a simple record playback is difficult to achieve an even quality of a good CD player, not to mention to “bail out” potential characteristics introduce now the higher frequencies and the bit. This happens because a computer map is largely dependent device receiving power from the source computer and being under the influence of various noise and interference from other computer components. The vast majority of cards are combined on a single chip DAC and ADC, which reduces their immunity. More “competent” the design of the sound card – the introduction of corrective and anti-interference circuits, power stabilization, removal of sensitive component outside the computer immediately sharply increases the price, which reduces sales even more and raises the selling price that is already beginning to come close to the price of the Junior models of Studio equipment. Buy “branded” computers with reduced noise also badly affects the total gain.

Approximately the same picture is with the settings of the computer WT-synths: the disadvantages in the actual sound quality is added the limitation of certain opportunities, which in the Autonomous professional models more fully. Often rich hardware capabilities of the synthesizer are not supported properly its software, and for user-musician, this is equivalent to their absence. The extremely sparse documentation, often not illuminating until the end of all possibilities – especially in comparison with the plump volumes of descriptions of professional tools.

Thus, a paradox arises: the main advantage of computer maps is their relatively low cost in relation to opportunity – with a vengeance is clearly insufficient by today’s standards of sound quality, hardware capabilities for its treatment, the level of software. In addition, many serious manufacturers – Roland, Ensoniq, Yamaha – quite deliberately limit the quality and capabilities of their computer-generated maps compared to the standalone products. So users – especially musicians – a question arises: does the idea of using the computer, or is it more of a publicity stunt for popular now?

The solution is simple: at the modern procedure of dealing together with music and sound without a pc can’t do – together with understood aspects of just acoustic tunes, performed live. Something else you will need to properly determine that the place of this computer inside the approach. It might be erroneous to assume it’s likely to fully replace a expert Studio with plenty of serious and high priced hardware and contractors one economical computer using economical same soundcard. It is possible to study and learn the abilities of this synthesizer, effects chip, interference of this noise to acquire the desirable dynamics and coloring, to master to record, make and use your personal audio to get ready and also make a sound track. For your own Amateur and the professional, demanding ultra-high audio quality, although this could be inadequate, and the remainder will soon have that the limits of a very simple setup and also quite simple to displace it using more complex and top quality, & the majority of all – having far smaller losses compared to separate apparatus.

Originally, this could possibly be replaced with an even high quality and serious soundcard, then the standalone device with personal controller. It’s crucial that together with the assistance of pc applications it’s likely to “compress dry” any apparatus controlled having its panel just doesn’t have sufficient hands on. Additionally, many professional musicians utilize computer maps to generate a alleged “domestic preparations” – such as lots of authors, designers or contractors. Concerning the high price of renting Studio timing is usually more valuable to calmly ready your house to “draft”, perhaps not paying attention to this discrepancy between sound, noise transparency and naturalness simulate conventional programs Studio canons, and to pull it in to the Studio where skilled professionals will instantly grab exactly the very same ways of “deep” tool, that may carry out exactly the very same with a “real mega encounter”.

This strategy enables one to best organize the division of work, leaving to this artist that the task is in fact on the music, and also the good engineer could be your recording and blending. And usually need to take care of a strange urge to find everything “in one single”, combining eventually incompatible requires, and also disappointment that doesn’t operate, investing in a affordable computer, instantly start creation of a cd rom drive world. But I haven’t had to observe a guy who half knew the noise capabilities of this computer system, then surely could quit using it. This could be the perfect way: don’t replace 1 tool remainder and employ it where it goes – just in this particular case, reaching the best benefit from investments and effort and money and time.

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