What is the value of music? Part 2

Diligence doing music, you know that you can achieve results only if a lot, lots and lots of practice. And there is not a ride just to joke with the teacher, as in conventional educational institutions, and to assessment. This is your skill becomes better. This way you in your experience know that any success requires monumental efforts and the great work that is useful in the future.

The ability to operate In any case, engaging music, you will be faced with the necessity of teamwork. Let’s say, to play or sing with someone else is not easier than working on a project in the group. Each has its own character, preferences and abilities. And in order to achieve the desired result, you just need to learn to listen to others and to reduce conflicts. All of these skills is essential if you want to achieve success in your life and sphere of activity is irrelevant. Each of the items can be seen in articles in the style of “how to succeed”, so the value of music is obvious. By the way to master any musical art it’s never too late, do not think that your train left, just talked about music school. At any age, music lessons have a positive impact on your ability to concentrate and self-discipline. Music is like dope for the brain of Course, there are only ones that are hard to concentrate on work when music is playing (although we are of the opinion that it’s just the music chosen wrong), but in most cases, a person is difficult to work in complete silence. We won’t tell about what style of music it affects, it is written a lot of medical articles.

But surely you’ve heard at least once about the beneficial, almost therapeutic impact of music on our body. Music is able to fill that initial void that is present when we sit at the project. And starting to work with the music (again, it is important to choose the right), you yourself will not notice how you have ideas and you stopped to notice that on the background that is playing. Thus, we can say that music enhances our creativity. If you have suffered a creative crisis and you can’t think of anything, try to listen to some new styles of music, and the inspiration will come to you. In General, creative individuals is from time to time to try to listen to something new, as the new music — an endless stream of fresh ideas and views.

There is one life hack that is: when you need to process large amounts of information — includes classical music. It will help you learn to read the material and you lot better remember it. By the way, studies have shown that the best music can affect the ability to quickly learn a foreign language. Music will help reduce stress If you’re annoyed, you feel angry or stressed — turn on the music you like and just give her. Try to hear every instrument individually and understand the meaning of the song. This will help you to relax and calm down. The same applies to those who have fallen into depression. I can even bring myself to dance to the music, and you will not notice how you become to feel better and the sadness vanished. In General, there is even music therapy designed to improve psychological state of a person. Not for nothing that in Buddhist philosophy, decided to meditate and sing. Singing also helps to release negative energy, and it does not matter, do you know how to sing. Spit on the neighbors and sing in full voice, believe me, you will be fun.

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