Useful tips to sound producers

Work on the sound is often. Edit prior to mixing it is best to mix with edit basic sounds. If you take a little time and effort, the stage of mixing will be easier and more pleasurable. Cleaning Walk the track and listen to the silence between the phrases. Very often, especially in vocal tracks, in the moments between the individual phrases superfluous noise, for example, silent breath, and another rustle. And guess what happens if you add compression to that? The noise will become louder and be heard too well. Trim the zero point On the starting points of a sound wave very often there are extra sounds that can essentially damage the track. So try to clean up the zero points of your sound wave.

Insert let’s Say, the vocalist was a little cold, and his voice breaks off after verse. Think maybe you can insert to the backing vocals, which will improve the sound of your voice and create a more beautiful arrangement. It is very simple and quick way to improve the sound of the track. The approach do Not be lazy to bring a sound wave. This can give you more control over the sound. It is much easier to adjust individual parts of the track, just zoom in on a wave and having considered it in more detail. This will save you from situations where you can’t understand that the track does not sound like I would like. Do not trust plugins Sometimes plugins interfere too much in sound. Many have a high pass filter, some can limit the signal or something with phrases. Rely more on their hearing than on plugins and their indicators.

Work on the reverbs separately For the first sound better to use reverb through the sand. For the second, which will require space, make a copy of the first reverb and adjust it to your second sound. Adjusting the reverb for each sound, you will make the track sound more professional.

The alternative is Not always the difficult way is correct. If you work on the sound for very long, but you can’t make the right sound — just try another way. Sometimes it’s better to go alternative way, rather than trying to fix it. Sharp filters with steep cutoff can cause distortion in the sound, as they may affect the phase shift. Therefore, it is better to use filters with a smooth cut, sharp filters are more suitable for experiments than to add clarity. 10. More expensive does not mean better shouldn’t be the price, thinking that if the plugin is expensive, it means that he is good.

A lot of free plugins can sound much better paid counterparts. Headphones to Work the sound only in the headphones — not a good idea. The working principle of headphone is different from the principle of operation of the monitors. So combine the headphones and monitors. In monitors to better hear the overall sound, and the headphones details. Work with a Good volume of sound should not “fall apart” at high volumes. So work on the track at a different volume to understand how sound would behave if make louder or quieter. The sound should be solid.

Effects should Not overload the track effects. Select the ones that best resonate with your track and focus on them. And, Yes, you need to be aware of what makes a particular effect to small changes that can spoil the track for a surprise. Rehearse If a musician wants to be written with a metronome — get him to also rehearse with a metronome. So will you be, and him. Very often experiments during recording can complicate the process, so try to rehearse everything first, and then start recording. Learn to Constantly look for new knowledge and do not stop there. Listen to the other guys, find something new and useful. Chat with other engineers and defer to opinions of more experienced. Do not consider yourself better than anyone.

Relax Try to sniff different smells for half an hour. Your nose will get tired and cease to perceive them. Same thing with hearing. Don’t overload your hearing. Take breaks at work. Try during those breaks to sit in silence and give your ears rest. Bass Very often, the sound designers, especially beginners, go overboard with the bass, and in the end the bass starts to buzz and to bulge. If you think that the track sound muddy and mumbling, try to work with bass. Most likely business in them. The room We remember that it is better to work with monitors, so the room in which you work has a big impact. Try to work in a room with good acoustics so the sound is not distorted.

Hot keys Learn the keys and use them. This will speed up your work and will deliver you from permanent search of the desired functions. So do not be lazy to spend some time learning the hotkeys. Mono Let not as important today, but it is better to make sure that your track sounds good in mono. Strive to sound good regardless of the situations.

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