Music in advertising and marketing

Very often we can’t imagine what kind of work is behind the “unobtrusive” music from the supermarket. It’s all carefully calculated based process which aims to influence our decisions. Companies understand that visual effects is no longer enough to attract buyers, and use every opportunity to influence all our senses. For anybody not a secret that music affects our mood and perception.

Thus, it isn’t shocking that songs is getting an important element of any advertising and marketing effort, with that organizations take to leverage earnings. With the assistance of tunes sets that the crucial air and make the picture of the product or service. Astonishingly, using music being another advertising and marketing tool can be really a far old training as it would seem to be. Ancient advertisements from the 1950-ies utilized renowned classical masterpieces. By way of instance, the job of this “king of waltz” Johann Strauss, Austrian author of this center of this 1880 years, was a favorite songs for advertisements from a number of businesses. His musical functions utilized in just about any advertisements, that range from house goods along with end with cereal for breakfast. The part of new music in advertisements industry Great music leads for the efficacy of promotion and trader it desirable to viewers.

Thus, good is also is a kind of entertainment for the consumer. Structure/Integrity Music in advertising has a structural function. First, it connects the visual image, a dramatic event over the voice with the product, by creating the complete image. Awareness Through music, the name of the product and the product itself is much easier to remember, and buyers prefer to buy familiar products. Lyric language Lyric language, which is used in musical compositions — effective method of information transfer.

Defines the target audience, After deciding to be an advertising company, the second thing worth thinking about is whom it was aimed. In order to attract the attention of the necessary sex, age, industry or nationality, it is necessary to use properly selected music. Authority Using in its advertising the music of famous stars, the company is the trust and respect of customers to the product or service. Contributes to the Commission of impulsive acts With music company can makes buyers certain moods and emotions — joy, love, fear, hope, excitement, reverie – and set to making a purchase.

Later, the same musical motifs continued to be used by companies not only in food, but in organized programs and events. Then a television company adopted the familiar musical motifs, and after this trend has spread to popular in the 1950s soap Opera. Now the music used in advertising, as one of the most effective ways to influence the sale of goods. Radio Two radio characteristics dictate how the music is working in this industry. First, radio is almost entirely dependent on audio effects. Secondly, due to the fact that people mostly turn on the radio when you sit behind the wheel of a car or undertake other work, properly done music helps to focus the attention of consumers on the product. Gingi — specifically designed for product promotion melodies, very common in radio advertising. TV and multimedia Producers who are responsible for creating television advertising, often acquire legal rights to use popular music in their commercials.

In this industry it is very important not to create competition between visual elements and sound, and complement each other. Sometimes, it turns out that songs and melodies are remembered faster than words and images, which is very useful when trying to create the necessary brand image. Entertainment projects New, but growing trend by which well-known brands use music in advertising their product — the creation of branded entertainment programs. Companies increasingly create original music videos and shows.

The main idea behind such projects is to make customers feel a special connection to the product brand. The impact of music on visitors to the shopping centers and restaurants, According to research by on the way people do shopping and eat in public. Music volume, tempo, rhythm all affect how long customers spend in a particular place, what they buy and how much you spend. In one experiment, people over the age of 25 who have made purchases in the store, where he played popular music from the modern charts, claimed to have spent more time in the store, spent more money and bought more goods. In contrast, buyers under the age of 25 were sure that spent more time in the shop with a calm instrumental music.

This study showed that people think that they spend more time in a particular store, if they hear unfamiliar music or music that does not fit their taste preferences. Fast or slow music in supermarkets? Studies have shown that when the supermarket plays slow music, customers pass the same distance for 20 seconds longer. Also, if all things being equal, when the music is slower, the buyers make more purchases. Fast or slow music in a cafe? If you don’t want people to stay not too, it is better to give preference to fast and rhythmic music. This option is suitable for small eateries and fast food chains.

But if the client needs to spend more time, then slow music is the best choice. Studies show that customers spend 23% more money in restaurants with more calm music. Also, in such circumstances, people are spending more time on the consumption of alcoholic beverages, which, of course, very beneficial to expensive restaurants. Loud music is a great choice for bars and cafes. It is proved that if the music is loud and fast the more customers talk among themselves and drink more. In gyms – loud, popular, rhythmic music make the training process much more pleasant. Also, it is worth noting that the stores and restaurants with classical music people are willing to spend more money and often buy more expensive products. Popular music is better not to use in supermarkets and offices — it diverts attention and too is in your own words, buyers and workers. The music in these institutions should be of high quality, very similar to the popular.

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