Philosophy and aesthetics of music

Here we explore various philosophical, philosophical, fundamental cultural and aesthetic aspects of musical art.

Music in the famous movies

Music appeared in the movies in the days of silent movie. Light entertainment motives was accompanied by the “moving picture” to cover the crash of the projector. What does the music for the film NOW? At first glance, it seems that its role is secondary. Well, if you think about it? Did you happen to […]

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What is the value of music? Part 2

Diligence doing music, you know that you can achieve results only if a lot, lots and lots of practice. And there is not a ride just to joke with the teacher, as in conventional educational institutions, and to assessment. This is your skill becomes better. This way you in your experience know that any success […]

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Music in advertising and marketing

Very often we can’t imagine what kind of work is behind the “unobtrusive” music from the supermarket. It’s all carefully calculated based process which aims to influence our decisions. Companies understand that visual effects is no longer enough to attract buyers, and use every opportunity to influence all our senses. For anybody not a secret […]

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Philosophy of music in education Part 2

Archaeologists from time to time dig up a different kind of “flute”, “panpipes”, Dating them tens of thousands of years. Historians of music such happy discoveries, pushing back the origins of music in the ancient stone age. Meanwhile, the “cunning of history” is that the Paleolithic “flutes” is a bone tube with a bell, a […]

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Improvisation and freedom in jazz

Improvisation, freedom, self-expression, and, at the same time, amazing harmony, rhythm and depth are all able to unite only one musical genre – jazz. Unfortunately, the jazz cannot be called music fun is a music born of boredom. Of longing for home, for family, for freedom. Black slaves. The fact that Western European classical school survived […]

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