Philosophy and aesthetics of music

Here we explore various philosophical, philosophical, fundamental cultural and aesthetic aspects of musical art.

Improvisation and freedom in jazz

Improvisation, freedom, self-expression, and, at the same time, amazing harmony, rhythm and depth are all able to unite only one musical genre – jazz. Unfortunately, the jazz cannot be called music fun is a music born of boredom. Of longing for home, for family, for freedom. Black slaves. The fact that Western European classical school survived […]

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What influences on our music taste Part 2

High amplitude is dominated by people with a strong type of nervous system (choleric and sanguine): active, balanced and confident. In humans with weak type of nervous system (phlegmatic and melancholic), the main properties are high sensitivity, combined with a weak dynamics of the processes, often recorded low amplitude rhythm. Choleric and sanguine, as a […]

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What influences on our music taste Part 1

As experience shows, the same music can be perceived by different people differently. Moreover, one and the same person throughout his life can several times to radically change their attitude to certain composers, performers and works. This is due to the peculiarities of musical perception, which examines a relatively young research discipline music psychology Large […]

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