Monthly Archives: January 2018

The history of the orchestra

The word “orchestra” over what you invest in it lately. Translated from the Greek verb “organic” means “dance” and “the orchestra” – a semicircular area of the where he sang and at the same time, rhythmically moving choir (he was an indispensable member of every Comedy and tragedy). The history of the orchestra After heaps […]

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Useful tips to sound producers

Work on the sound is often.¬†Edit prior to mixing it is best to mix with edit basic sounds. If you take a little time and effort, the stage of mixing will be easier and more pleasurable. Cleaning Walk the track and listen to the silence between the phrases. Very often, especially in vocal tracks, in […]

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What is the value of music? Part 2

Diligence doing music, you know that you can achieve results only if a lot, lots and lots of practice. And there is not a ride just to joke with the teacher, as in conventional educational institutions, and to assessment. This is your skill becomes better. This way you in your experience know that any success […]

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The history of folk music

From creation to production one of those people has been moved a enormous quantity of musical and poetic performs. Their combo integrates what’s named folk music, perhaps not folk songs or songs tunes. Folk music a area of this folklore and customarily transmitted “person to person” which isn’t in prepared form. This ought to take […]

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Music in advertising and marketing

Very often we can’t imagine what kind of work is behind the “unobtrusive” music from the supermarket. It’s all carefully calculated based process which aims to influence our decisions. Companies understand that visual effects is no longer enough to attract buyers, and use every opportunity to influence all our senses. For anybody not a secret […]

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