Acoustics and sound engineering

Reveal the secrets of the right sound engineering and acoustics.

Useful tips to sound producers

Work on the sound is often. Edit prior to mixing it is best to mix with edit basic sounds. If you take a little time and effort, the stage of mixing will be easier and more pleasurable. Cleaning Walk the track and listen to the silence between the phrases. Very often, especially in vocal tracks, in […]

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What is Hi-Fi?

Hi, tunes fans! Now let us speak about just one of their absolute most contentious terms from this noise. From the heads of individuals who have quite a very long period hi fi had been exhibited since high priced acoustics to get geeks in your area of tunes is “audiophile”, hearing what you have to […]

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Overview of portable speakers

Again the spring and barbecue season in the yard, and that means again have to think about how to articulate a place of rest. Options bass speakers with built-in battery on sale, as usual, quite a lot, and listen will not work at all desire. But this couple of devices from the American company Nyne […]

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What is sound

Oscillatory movement of anybody (such as strings or plastics) that create condensation or rarefaction in the air — this is the sound waves, i.e. sound. They spread in all directions from the sound source. When exposed to sound waves on the auditory organs, they cause irritation that is transmitted through the nervous system to the […]

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