Monthly Archives: November 2017

How to achieve popularity? Part 1

Chris was appointed certainly one of their absolute most powerful men and women within the audio market. Nowhere also leads competition to boost also the intricacies of promotion inside this section of the art market place, together with Chris also for that particular day will be engaged with the advertising of musicians. Consequently, his information […]

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Classical music is timeless

There’s nobody not really a solution that globe music’s basis is classical music. Audio notation, tranquility, efficiency structure abilities, path and manufacturing this all originates from the traditional college. Classical music’s primary advantageous asset is its importance that is enduring. Place artists related for just a few decades and defeat at one stage, which is […]

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How to develop aural skills

If you think that “you are the elephant on an ear came” and you will never be able to perceive the sounds around you as they perceive people who are gifted ear for music since birth, then you are sadly mistaken. To develop a musical ear is not so difficult as you think. Today we […]

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The era of postromanticism Part 1

The conclusion of XIX and beginning of XX century has been marked with the present resurgence and in precisely the exact same period the catastrophe of romanticism in music. The severe disaster has influenced the works of composers of all Austro German music school. Strong enough postromantic penetrated the works of composers of their Italian […]

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Improvisation and freedom in jazz

Improvisation, freedom, self-expression, and, at the same time, amazing harmony, rhythm and depth are all able to unite only one musical genre – jazz. Unfortunately, the jazz cannot be called music fun is a music born of boredom. Of longing for home, for family, for freedom. Black slaves. The fact that Western European classical school survived […]

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