Tips for newcomers

If you chose the musician path, here you will find articles that help you to pursue your dream.

What is the easiest musical instrument to learn

Learn to play a musical instrument, but some of them learn a little easier than others. For example, the difference in learning to play the drums and piano more than palpable. Therefore, for the neophytes can be useful the following comments about the nuances in the development of various tools. The drums are a rhythmic […]

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Essay writing

Originally, your essay isn’t placed because of defining or thorough treatment of this niche. That is only purely your eyesight of the matter, that’s the main topic of this composition. The way to compose a composition in English? Gecko could be composed in the niche that you simply offer, or totally free motif which you […]

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Tips for bass guitarists

Virtuoso bassist of the American group Dream Theater shares his experience. Read and play even better! Warm up warming up is needed not only athletes, but also musicians. This is an important point which will help to avoid the negative effects of long games like tendinitis (degeneration of the tendon tissue). Playing guitar is a […]

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The profession of a musician Part 2

But teenagers have in learning to deal with your own body. Anyway, even to achieve the average outcome will have a lot of hard work for a long time. There are, of course, and the people to whom training is given more easily than others, but such cases are rare. Employment With the development of […]

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The profession of a musician Part 1

Musicians, and any other representatives of creative professions, the society used to actively sing the praises of that sometimes it seems like life performers and composers are completely devoid of flaws. At least ten years of intensive training in schools, apparently, are presented to the people as a pleasant and exciting ride attraction in the […]

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