The following posts are about the history of music.

The history of folk music

From creation to production one of those people has been moved a enormous quantity of musical and poetic performs. Their combo integrates what’s named folk music, perhaps not folk songs or songs tunes. Folk music a area of this folklore and customarily transmitted “person to person” which isn’t in prepared form. This ought to take […]

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History of development of musical genres and styles

Continuing the set of posts about music principle, we’d really like to inform you about the way that it has been developed and formed that the songs from itunes. Next write up, you’ll by no means confuse tunes together with the audio mode. Thus, first let us go through the gap between your notions “style” […]

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The era of postromanticism Part 1

The conclusion of XIX and beginning of XX century has been marked with the present resurgence and in precisely the exact same period the catastrophe of romanticism in music. The severe disaster has influenced the works of composers of all Austro German music school. Strong enough postromantic penetrated the works of composers of their Italian […]

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National music schools

Until about the beginning of the XVIII century European music did not have a clear national differences. The dominant Christian Church carried their common to all countries in the canons of European secular music was exposed to Italian, French, German style depending on the historical period. One of the first studies of national creativity was […]

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The era of postromanticism Part 2

The job of the talented composer has bolstered its next program product “pleasure Enjoyable till Eulenspiegel” written in 1895. At the twentieth century Richard Strauss was participated as Opera composer. And also the verismo of all Giacomo Puccini Following the “Golden era of Opera”, Verdi, Rossini, Bellini and Donizetti postromantic and captured to this Apennine […]

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Different eras of classical music

The history of classical music Within the feeling that was traditional, is known as classical music that’s endured time remaining well-known for several years following its inception’s check. In historic conditions towards classical music’s idea views instead the 18th and, or the audio customs of classicism. Additional magazines by which we live, restricts the present […]

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The best jazz performers Part 2

Sarah Won One of the greatest jazz singers was born in California. It was called “the greatest voice of the twentieth century” and the singer objected when it was called the jazz singer, because I thought his range wider. Over the years, the skills Sarah has become more refined, and her voice was gaining depth. […]

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The best jazz performers Part 1

He will sustain you in moments of sadness, he will make you dance, it will plunge you into the abyss of pleasure in rhythm and virtuosic music. Jazz is not a musical style, and mood. Jazz is a whole epoch, he does not leave anyone indifferent. So let me invite you to the wonderful world […]

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The development of classical music

Classical music Classical music… It is an expression everybody knows within their method that is own. For a lot of it is gentle, ethereal tune of Mozart, for oratorios and others of Bach. Somebody claims somebody frenzied Concert of Shostakovich and merry waltzes. Usually are not is correct? And all the right that is same! […]

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