Computer music

These posts are about the subgenre of electronic music, based on the use of computers and synthesizers, as well as the creation and mixing of such music.

Where to Get Online Homework Help for Free

Homework assignments may turn out to be difficult from time to time when you do not have any idea how to complete it, but where are you able to look for assistance when you require it?  You may always ask your instructors or teachers, or parents for support and assistance but if they are out of […]

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Sound and music from computer Part 2

Ten years ago on the IBM PC-like 8-bit DAC was made via the parallel printer port has 8 data lines, and the use of additional control lines and higher quality 12-bit. The conclusion from the program port counts at the right speed, you can get a pretty clear sound comparable in quality with a flip […]

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Sound and music from computer Part 1

We are all used to the fact that modern personal computer can produce very diverse sounds. At first they could only buzz and squeak in different ways, and then there was a program saying it is quite distinct words and a faint shadow playing music, listening through a drain pipe; computer games pretty quickly learned […]

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