Monthly Archives: February 2018

Tips for electric guitarists

You just got back from the music store. You try to keep your new guitar in my hands and think about what is the next step on your way to understanding the “Zen” of this tool. You already know how to play “Smoke on the water” and “Pack of cigarettes” on his father’s acoustic guitar, […]

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Genius of neoclassical music

Ludovico Einaudi Gentle, thrilling and enchanting music by the Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi will hook even the most callous person. Each of his work tells his story, just need to close my eyes and hear. Smooth melody with accurate and clear, like water droplets, high notes sometimes freezes and a thin dome hangs somewhere high […]

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Electronic music as an object of study Part 2

Many believe that the fall of the Berlin wall and the end of the cold war were the true end of the postwar era. Only after it became possible to overcome the “culture of memory” (a form of identification in Germany, founded on the overcoming of the Nazi past, build strategies to combat it, a […]

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Electronic music as an object of study Part 1

The academic world often does not keep up with the latest trends and transformations in culture however, the discussion of topical issues of modernity in the walls of the classical universities have always attracted considerable interest of students. In December 2014 at the Berlin University of the arts, began the lecture series and conference under […]

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Music in the famous movies

Music appeared in the movies in the days of silent movie. Light entertainment motives was accompanied by the “moving picture” to cover the crash of the projector. What does the music for the film NOW? At first glance, it seems that its role is secondary. Well, if you think about it? Did you happen to […]

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