Musical theory

In this section we will talk about the elementary theory of music, teach music notation and much more.

8 simple steps that will help to create a song

At first glance, the creation of music may seem incredibly difficult task. And the first question that arises in wanting to create your own ringtone is “where to start?”. But the beauty of musical composition is that there are no clear rules, no restrictions, which tell you where to start and how to finish the […]

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Intervals in music

It is time for you to move ahead. In this essay we shall analyze the times are, managing, dimensions and their kinds. Harmonic Period A period in audio may be the mixture of two looks, sequentially or obtained concurrently. The interval’s low audio is known as its base. Melodic interval — the period, the looks which are […]

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Harmony and tonality

Tonic. Unpredictable and steady looks Single note or tone on their own, next to nothing isn’t existing, they can’t be named a bit of audio, acknowledge? Audio structure is just an audio system centered on particular high-rise associations and amounts. Such systems – there is definitely a specific audio that’s the spine (frequently tunes end-on […]

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Harmony in the classics, jazz and popular music Part 2

A large part of the classical music until the second half of the XIX century, established on this principle (learning to listen and analyze the Viennese classics – Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven). But with popular, jazz and rock music, things are different. The harmony that we have tried the most primitive way to explain the […]

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Harmony in the classics, jazz and popular music Part 1

From a worldly position, not burdened with special knowledge of the musical harmony can be equated to such a vague quality as euphony. They say, well strung stave icons, sounds with musician, represent the very harmony. But since people are different, and many of them, from an extraordinary mind or from boredom, go to extremes, […]

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What is Seventh chords?

Seventh note — a note comprising 4 looks that are often organized by thirds. Between your severe looks is shaped thus its title the seventh note, Septima. Seems that type a seventh chord, named the prima or even the primary audio, next, fifth and seventh (with regards to the essential firmness of the chord). Seventh […]

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What is Critical Thinking?

The ability to have a critical way of thinking way separates innovators from simple followers. Procedure of critical thinking can lower the power of marketers, and at the same time, it may neutralize the impact of an argument that is not backed up. That is a capability a lot of students want to possess because they […]

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