The best jazz performers Part 2

Sarah Won One of the greatest jazz singers was born in California. It was called “the greatest voice of the twentieth century” and the singer objected when it was called the jazz singer, because I thought his range wider. Over the years, the skills Sarah has become more refined, and her voice was gaining depth. A tactic of the singer was quick but smooth voice slide between octaves — glissando.

Dizzy Gillespie dizzy — brilliant jazz virtuoso trumpeter, composer and vocalist, one of the founders of the bebop style. His nickname “dizzy” (in translation from English — “the amazing”, “stunning”), the musician has received in childhood, thanks to his shenanigans and antics that shocked people. Dizzy studied classes of trombone, theory and harmony. In addition to basic training, the musician themselves has gripped the pipe, which became his favorite, as well as piano and drums.

Charlie Parker Charlie started playing the saxophone at age 11 and by his example, showed that practice makes perfect, after all, a musician for 3-4 years practicing up to 15 hours a day. This work has borne fruit, and very powerful — Charlie was one of the founders of bebop (with dizzy Gillespie) and a very strong influence on jazz in General. Heroin addiction almost musician started his career. Despite treatment, the clinic and its full, he considered himself Charlie, well, he was unable to continue actively to work on his compositions.

Miles Davis the trumpeter has also had a significant influence on jazz and was one of the originators of styles such as modal jazz, cool jazz and fusion. Sometime miles played in the quintet of Charlie Parker, where he developed his individual sound. Discography after listening to Davis, you will be able to trace the history of the development of modern jazz, as miles practically created it. The feature of the musician is that he never limited himself to any one style of jazz that, in fact, made him great.

Joe Cocker Performing is not quite a smooth transition to modern artists, we include the beloved Joe in our list. In the 70’s, Joe Cocker has experienced considerable difficulty with the repertoire due to alcohol abuse, so in his repertoire, we can hear a lot of interpretations of songs by other musicians. Unfortunately, the alcohol has rendered the powerful voice of the singer in a hoarse baritone that we can hear today. But, despite his age and crippled health, old Joe still stands. And I can tell you from my experience that it is very energetic, and even pleases the audience, cheerfully Bouncing in between verses.

Hugh Laurie beloved Dr. house in the series showed their musical skills. But recently, Hugh delights us with his meteoric career in the jazz field. Despite the fact that his repertoire is full of interpretations of famous performers, Hugh Laurie adds to your romantic and special touch that we know works. Let’s hope this incredibly talented man continue to delight us, breathing life into elusive in the past, but still so beautiful jazz.

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