The best jazz performers Part 1

He will sustain you in moments of sadness, he will make you dance, it will plunge you into the abyss of pleasure in rhythm and virtuosic music. Jazz is not a musical style, and mood. Jazz is a whole epoch, he does not leave anyone indifferent. So let me invite you to the wonderful world of swing and improvisation. In this article, we have gathered for you the ten jazz performers that will definitely make your day.

Louis Armstrong Jazz musician, influenced the development of jazz, was born in the poor black district of New Orleans. His first musical education Louis received in a correctional camp for Teens of color, where he was for that shot from a pistol in the New year. The gun, by the way, he stole from a policeman who was a client of his mother (I think you can guess what profession she belonged to). In the camp, Louis became a member of the local brass band where he learned to play the tambourine, alto horn and clarinet. His love of music and perseverance helped him succeed, and now each of us knows and loves his husky bass.

Billie holiday Billie holiday practically created a new form of jazz, is a style of jazz singing called. Her real name is Eleanor, Fagan. The singer was born in Philadelphia, her mother, Sadie, Pagan in the quintet at that time was 18, and father-musician, Clarence holiday, — 16. Circa 1928 Eleanor moved to new York, where he was arrested along with her mother for prostitution. With 30 years began performing in night clubs, and subsequently in theatres, and after 1950, began to rapidly gain popularity. After thirty years, the singer began to have serious health problems because of the large amount of alcohol and drugs. Under the pernicious influence of drink holiday the voice has lost its former flexibility, but short creative life of the singer has not prevented her to become one of the idols of jazz.

Ella Fitzgerald the owner of the voice range of three octaves was born in Virginia. Ella grew up in a very poor but pious and almost a model family. But after the death of her mother, 14 year old girl abandoned school, and after a disagreement with his stepfather (mom and dad Ella were divorced at the time) went to live with his aunt and began working in a brothel, too. There she was faced with the mafia and their lives. Underage girl very soon engaged the police and she was sent to boarding school in Hudson, which Ella had escaped, and for a time was homeless. In 1934, she first performed on stage, singing two songs at the contest of Amateur Nights. When he was five years old, his brother drowned in a tub that was standing on the street. Presumably because the shock to seven years ray was totally blind. Before the talent of the great ray Charles bowed and bow many stars of world music and cinema. The musician has received 17 Grammy awards and got into the hall of fame rock-n-roll, jazz, country and Blues.

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