What is the dark folk?

We will focus on this little known, but still a pretty interesting direction in music as dark folk. And the difference between him and neofolk no, if that. But some artists attempt to show your originality, you can make up new names for each genre. Comrades, beware! Do not get fooled by these tricks! To begin with, that the dark folk is one of the post-industrial and, in fact, is a mixture of ethnic motives with electronic music. Which is typical for all areas of post-industrial, is the willingness to stand out in a musical environment and focus on a narrow audience of listeners.

Performers dark folk often turn to religious and occult ideas, much like the Nazi and just militaristic symbolism, but the Nazis, in most cases, almost as. Audience, the genre got a comic called “Shafaq”. This activity began to emerge in 1977 in English anti-fascist group “Crisis” as it played in her people, which gave a bunch of hipsters new music for reflection — Douglas Pearce and T. Wakeford. In 1980 the band broke up, but the couple decided to play on, and in 1981 was presented with the new project “Death in June”.

Douglas became fascinated with the occult; a new genre is finally formed – a mixture of electronic music, post-punk and military marches. In fact, the meager number of people who know about “Death in June” at the mention of the name of Douglas Pearce built a certain number of associations — military uniform, mask, and song “All pigs must die”. Bizarre image, isn’t it? The band lasted until 1984, as T. Wakeford joined the far-right party, and Douglas is such a thing, to put it mildly, not appreciated. Since then, the “Death in June” became a personal project Pier with the characteristic sound of a guitar with steel strings, the sound of drums, monotonous songs yeah the synth in the background.

Douglas pierce T. Wakeford founded his project “Sol Invites”, the technical part which is not much different from the project of the Pier – the same guitar, drum, synth, and singing Tony about the gods, anarchic–primitivism and dislike of America. He was often accused of xenophobia, Recalling the far-right past in which he, by the way, very ashamed. And in 1990, Wakeford began to print a variety of literature about the dark folk that the people were inspired with this genre. David Tibet Well, and finally “Current 93”. Its only permanent member of David Tibet. Musical instruments cannot play, so often calling on the help of friends Wakeford, including. In one interview Tibet said that it is difficult to remember too complicated melodies. Of course, what is a musician?

Activities of Tibet began with the recording of the album “Lashtal”, which was twisted the ringing of bells, noises, screams, cries — David sincerely desired to cause Satan and the comrades the whole thing recorded. He writes about the mystical Hobbies, which he enjoys – Thelema, Buddhism, runic magic, Gnostic Christianity. All the songs of Tibet poems, excerpts of fairy tales and ancient lyrics superimposed on psychedelic music with a constant drumbeat, a guitar and a synthesizer. David has a very high tone of voice, which adds even more psychedelic songs. Songs emotionally, stretch the vowels. Also Tibet, founded his own publishing company to reissue the Ghost stories of the little-known Victorian authors. It was the representatives of the English dark folk, and he does exist. In 1996 releasing the first singles and then the album “Death SERPs”, which basically was a reinvention of the songs “Death in June” and “Current 93”. I note that Douglas Pearce and David Tibet has approved this experiment.

After the album “Apodaca”, already consisting of the author’s material, except maybe the song “Kalka”. The already strong lyrics becoming darker and more sinister shape. In an interview, George said: the whole album is about the fate of the homeless, who gives himself to God, begging for alms in the transition (allowances for the fact that I, a confirmed atheist). Night with clouds the shape of cats, and the next morning God — bum kill the two chimeras (perhaps the police or the Nazis). Sounds like a call for armed insurrection, which is drowning in the flood of PR deceptions.

Arrives the angel of death, dying city, in which killed the God of the homeless, the dust of eternity in the coming winter veiled world, the planet turns into a black hole and it remains only to take a breath and think about today in the context of neurochemical understanding of happiness and pain. More almost nothing was heard, but in 2008, George teammates recorded the single, and in 2009 he published the album, “Scary songs about the terrible”. Total: three albums present a grim dark folk with wonderful vocals and interesting music, occupying, perhaps, the first place on the podium of the post — Soviet underground dark folk scene. That’s about it. Enjoy life and listen to good music.

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