Tips for electric guitarists

You just got back from the music store. You try to keep your new guitar in my hands and think about what is the next step on your way to understanding the “Zen” of this tool. You already know how to play “Smoke on the water” and “Pack of cigarettes” on his father’s acoustic guitar, and you’re filled with desire to start learning now. That, my dear friend, most likely, the following tips will help you at first of your training.

Practice regularly Paid employment for at least an hour a day. You should start with simple tunes and exercises, etudes, and songs that you like. Learn the rudiments of music every musician needs to know the notes. This will greatly simplify training. Of course, you can play tablatures. To learn tablature designation much easier, and the understanding of tablature will not be superfluous. But classical music notation more accurately reflect a piece of music. In addition, knowledge of musical notation will help you in communicating with musicians playing other instruments. It plays a significant role, if you play in the group.

Do not hurry Starting to learn some work, don’t be hasty, friend! Play at a slow pace, and even better for the metronome. Playing too fast or playing the work in the pace of the original, you risk to learn the piece with mistakes, from which it will be very difficult to get rid of. And tactile foot, this will help you to play rhythmically.

Repeat what you hear most of the songs has a recognizable musical motif, try to pick up by ear. You’d be surprised how after a lot of failed attempts will turn out. This is very useful for ear training. Learn the tricks and Practice in various techniques: slides, bands, Trilling, “turntables”, harmonics and so on – all very important for electro techniques.

Learn to improvise is a Skill that is definitely useful for every musician! Learn the pentatonic scale, turn on the soundtrack and go for it. Try to apply all what you’re capable of, and memorize phrases from exercise, make up your own. But do not forget about the phrasing. Splitting improvisations on short phrases (1-2 bars) will make your improvisation more “tasty”, it will be easier to perceive for the listener. Set ourselves challenging goals challenging goals will help you grow as a guitarist. Work on what is difficult until you reach the desired result. Well, I hope my tips will help you, remember: patience and a little effort.

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