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Inspiring conversation with a young developing musician about writing, stage fright, working in a group, classics and trends, club 27 and the highest purpose of music. He lives in Moscow, studying at the first year of the course, but his main business of life considers playing the guitar. He now performs regularly with drummer at the club Rolling Stone, and before that managed to play on the same stage with Noise MC and one project with Re-pac, MC Quick san, Spanish Nasty Mondays, Ice beat lab group Arnica, DJs, Pasha the Panda, General Mike, Junior K, etc.

Participated in the festival “City scene”, “Night of the arts”, spoke at the Museon are both platforms, Artplay, Lumiere Hall. In addition to the session activities he performs and writes music with his own band and oversees. When you are ready to start writing? What experience is required? I didn’t need a lot of experience to begin composing. I started trying to write something of their own, when only learned basic chords in years 13. Now I can tell you that composing music, no one will teach. I do not remember who said, “the Composer enough good taste”. It turns out the teacher is not important? Important, of course, if not for my teachers, I would go that route 10 times slower. Each of them asked me specific direction in development.

But the coach should only share experiences, not to impose their point of view. You’re worried, I’m afraid, when I show your work to others? How to deal with shyness? of Course, especially initially feared. Although at the time all I was writing, I thought it was just brilliant. Now I don’t show anyone the new material until you finish it, yet I’m not sure that this is the one. How to learn not to be afraid of the stage? stage fright is the uncertainty that you have a fairly high level. But at this moment we must forget that now you are someone who appreciates, to smile more and remember that even if you failed, it is quickly forgotten.

One thing good performance are able to undo all the previous failures. I always get nervous before going on stage, but I like the jitters. The main thing – do not be disheartened if you messed up – people will feel it, and if it happened, you’re lost. Well, attitude is important. Attitude to performing is 50 percent the work done. To go on stage need with a smile and love to the audience, in any case cannot look down on them. What mistakes are made by beginners? the Main mistake is embarrassing. And it is a mistake not only of beginners, experienced musicians often do not want to make contact. And they look down on beginners. What is more important: theory or practice? Talent or work? In this case, practice and theory are equal.

Theoretical knowledge without application is meaningless, and the one playing the instrument also does not go far, sooner or later there will be a need for new knowledge. With the talent the same. I think, more work breeds talent. Over time, you gain a lot of knowledge and skills, even when you have much talent there. The main thing is to be persistent and every minute to think about your goals. Good or bad copy in the learning process? Where is the line between copy and plagiarism? Copy need. Copying different styles, begin to synthesize, to understand your own. When you begin to understand that you’re too similar to someone, we must try to think as you do not tend to borrow techniques from the other direction, for example. Why all suggest to listen to classical music? Classic is the epitome, the quintessence of the theory, skill and techniques.

The classic work uses such AIDS and techniques that are able to tell the whole story to reflect the essence of a work without words. Music you don’t hear, and experience. What if classical music is not like it’s hard or long to listen to? This should just come. It’s a matter of time and experience. All popular styles and trends have their limits. Classical music too, probably, but it doesn’t last 4 minutes. Moreover, there is much more information available for analysis. The taste does need to educate. By the way, in such a direction as metal classics affected very much. Where you get your inspiration from? Emotion is the most important source of inspiration. Good, bad – it’s all potential material for a song, because writing – subliminal.

And if inspiration does not? If it is not really, you just have to work on technique. The more you play, the more chances that there will be inspiration. Playing, begin to realize their potential. Writing generally requires mostly time and patience, for it is not enough just inspiration. Need to play a lot, listen a lot of music, tons of different music, a lot of their record, listen recorded, postpone, then again to listen, only then will understand – is it good or not. What if emotions are bad, when I want to quit music? Before, when this happened, I suffered for 2 weeks, and now – a maximum of 10 minutes. I just remember that this is what I love the most, or just distracted: movies, books, work. And what a movie or book? What are you doing for your own development?

I Read everything from time management to the art of literature. Now reading “the glass bead Game” by Hermann Hesse. I love documentaries and feature films related to music that can remind me how cool to be a guitarist. Frequently review the “get Ready get loud”, “ray”, “Cadillac records”. For a long time really helped me with music jams. There I had been playing the guitar, understand how to make a groove and learned to communicate with the public. Started with Buscema, now I am a curator, then was Massolit. However, now I almost never go because of the monotony of what is happening. Always have to find new ways of development and not to get attached to people. Do you prefer to work alone or with a group? Alone with a concentration better, of course, but the group consists of one overall image from the individual styles of each of the participants, although individually the party, as a rule, do not sound.

But in General it is important in the writing process to think about how it will sound with other instruments and be able to share games when you’re too much or in someone else’s performance they will be better. Well, if with the classic all clear how to distinguish the good modern music from the common trend of fashion? In the trend of many clichés that a real musician will immediately see. Here arises another question: do you want to do to sell a product or something that comes from the heart. What would you do? I want to make quality music. I don’t think the product is bad, but it needs to be done tastefully. Increasing the level of product, you raise the cultural level of the listeners. I want as many people as possible hear my music. You have something to say, or is it rather a need of your ego? When I am on stage, I see that give people emotions feel significant. Describe the image of your ideal listener.

The Guy or girl, doesn’t matter. Lives in a large dynamic city, following the trends, I’m sure(in) in yourself, positive(a), listens to music to cheer yourself up. Age: 15-30 years. Name 5 musicians that inspire you. Jimi Hendrix, John Frusciante, Jimmy Page, Jack White, Wes Montgomery. Drugs, alcohol, club 27? I think all these people are just exhausted by this age, well, lifestyle is affected. Personally, I’m going to live and work in old age. Alcohol and drugs? Me from it all without rushing. Sometimes I’ll smoke a joint or get drunk, but I don’t see anything terrible. The main thing is not to abuse, know all measure. Moreover, alcohol brings serotonin, and with this comes depression and gets inspired – you can’t write.

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