What is the easiest musical instrument to learn

Learn to play a musical instrument, but some of them learn a little easier than others. For example, the difference in learning to play the drums and piano more than palpable. Therefore, for the neophytes can be useful the following comments about the nuances in the development of various tools. The drums are a rhythmic Instrument and therefore does not require from the student a deep theoretical knowledge and absolute ear. Even with questionable source data with daily lessons you can learn to withstand a rhythm. In order to join the punk rock band, quite a couple of lessons from a tutor and a month of daily practice. If the soul is attracted to complex and broken rhythms, have a bit to learn. You can do it either in formal music school or regularly visiting teacher. In elementary schools, as a rule, the drumming is taught in just five years.

The development of other instruments will last for several years longer. In addition to the ability to keep the rhythm in the music school or College will teach to play the xylophone, tambourine and triangle. In General, if there are any global aspirations and plans to become a virtuoso, and if you have a task to learn in a short time, the reels will be the best option. Guitar For classical, acoustic and electric guitar. In fact, it’s the tools that could be put in the first place for ease of development.

The fact that most students of guitar do not put a goal to reach the level of Kazuhito Yamashita, on the contrary, plenty of pairs of learned works, to write itself to the musicians. For this category of people to make friends with the tool will not be easy. Really, enough of the lesson or two to teach is not the most complex song, and after a dozen lessons you will gradually move on to the analysis of parties solo songs of the heavy. Bass guitar is a special and often completely undiagnosed. Usually, learning to play it at home, driving range and teach the party a medium degree of difficulty. The existence of musical notation does not know any musician. In addition, the bass players because of his outstanding abilities often become heroes jokes.

I would like to say that all of this is undeserved, but say nothing, because I don’t need to lie. Those who are interested in a deeper acquaintance with the tool, there is a lot of hard work in the learning process. This is why I put the guitar on the second place, not first. One of the advantages – accessibility. Buy a guitar you can even in a remote from civilization the countryside. The price of the instrument does not bite, unless you start chasing brands. You can learn anywhere: at home, with friends, outdoors, travel and Hiking. Cons – high competition.

Learn to play the guitar every year go to thousands of people and therefore, if you have a desire to become a true professional, will have to try my best to stand out from the crowd. As practice shows, to achieve this, not so difficult. Wind instruments Flute, trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, French horn, oboe, bassoon, trombone, tuba – their name is Legion. In addition to the classical tools, there are also ethnic. The choice is so great that to determine the type of tool, it is sometimes quite difficult. In music schools provided for such cases, preliminary training on block flute, with further option to upgrade to a trumpet, saxophone and the list goes on.

There are two variants of development of wind instruments: under the guidance of the tutor and the school. The second option is preferable since in parallel will be held the lessons of solfege, and they are extremely important for the development of hearing musician. Now for the cons. If relatives or roommates will not be able to assess your passion, then practice at home the wind will be difficult. The tools are actually very loud and in every note of the etude will be heard in neighboring apartments, even if you play very quietly. In addition, will have to deal with every day – regression with wind much more tangible progress. It is therefore important to plan in advance how will the classes be held outside school and the flats of the tutor. One of the advantages, though questionable, we can mention the loyalty of teachers to the theoretical base of their students. No wonder trumpeters was the second after the bass player’s heroes jokes.

There are cases when school graduates are confused in things learned from other musicians in the first months of training. Piano In good, would have to move the tool into the end of the list, as it is easier to wipe your fingers in the dust, than to master it at a high level. But thanks to this phenomenon as the pop-jazz direction, the torments of hell in training were able to mutate into a simple pastime. That is, if someone decided to learn a few pop songs that make this piano special work will not make. To master the tool for the tutorial, video tutorials or with a tutor. Can, however, be problems with landing and hand positioning, but for a game is not critical. Of the positive aspects include the possibility of replacing cumbersome training tool on the synthesizer. Of course, only in cases when the student is focused on pop music, jazz, soul, electronic genres, and so on. Suggestions from Tutors, courses and clubs – weight.

Learn to be where. Of the minuses can recall that when learning, in fact, the piano will have to buy a tool. If you do it at home, it is possible to bring the “Dog waltz” relatives and neighbors to insanity. But most importantly, if one intends to become a master, waiting for him thousands of hours of playing endless scales and careful study of hundreds of pages of theoretical material. String Violin, cello, double bass, viola – beautiful. Here are all of the enumerated instruments are among the most challenging to master. If you learn from childhood, you can avoid all the difficulties, not even noticing them, but for adults learning with high probability it will turn into a heavy meal.

The fact that stringed demand absolute hearing, and to have it at home simply unrealistic. Tutors usually do not teach from scratch, and helping the kids in learning. Tutorials and lessons are useless. Techniques of sound extraction on these tools more than the stars in the sky. Doubters can look through the notes and scores of compositions by contemporary composers. The learning process is a continuous overcome myself. If not enough motivation, you can exit from the school not be able to play basic pieces. Advantages for those who want to quickly learn the game on an exotic tool not see. Cons it’s not listed. The price of good tools and necessary care to crazy loads in training. Conclusion: go only when calling. In General, as in any other activity to achieve some heights in music will need a lot of work.

But if you have the desire to learn the instrument for yourself to be able to strum a few tunes in the boring winter evenings, you should pay attention to the first item of the list. I have also neglected by such tools as pocket-sized synthesizer, Jew’s harp, spoons, rattles & castanets. As you can see, the choice is huge – there was only him to do.

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