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Again the spring and barbecue season in the yard, and that means again have to think about how to articulate a place of rest. Options bass speakers with built-in battery on sale, as usual, quite a lot, and listen will not work at all desire. But this couple of devices from the American company Nyne — Bass and Mini — listen found. I hasten to share impressions.

Should start, perhaps with the older speakers, the Nyne Bass.

It comes in an impressive size cardboard box, which was a place of great instruction, power adapter, multiple removable plugs, and cable to connect to external sound sources. In fact, all that the user might want to already have. You can even travel the world with this column heading, the options of the charger plug supplied must be suitable to any outlet. Only now does it make sense to carry on planes this impressive three-kilogram column?

Nyne Bass — the device is massive and not particularly homely. Materials — plastic and metal, and plastic — soft-touch, this means that fingerprints, dust and other artifacts will be quite a lot. Wet wipes and a lint-free cloth to wipe the owner of the Nyne Bass is. But to move the column you can safely and wet hands will not slip out.

On the back of the speakers is a carrying handle, and hole low-frequency radiator, and all necessary connectors — charge, audio input, USB. And the slider switch here posted.

But the control buttons are located on the upper surface of the Nyne Bass. The benefit column is large, so that the rubberized keys were not to combine the tasks. So fast is fast, volume is volume, and remember the long and the short of pressing is not required. There was also a another button and answer button phone call if you decide to assign a column a speakerphone. Under the mesh covering the speakers, there was a place for the led, which notifies the owner about the condition of the Bass speakers.

Nyne Bass hides in its bosom the battery, 4400 mAh, allowing it to play music for a full working day. The manufacturer claims 10 hours as work time, about a column and can brighten up the gray everyday work. Bass is charged from the supplied power adapter is quite long, but to understand how much interest he’s already loaded, is not possible. If the smartphone you are listening to music, beginning to take the battery can use a USB connector on the back side of the Nyne Bass. Of course, it will affect the working time of the column, but no connection will remain.

The left side is Bass informs the user about the availability of opportunities to make a quick connection to the speaker using NFC. Checked on compatible devices — works. Maybe in iPhone ever the skills of a built-in transmitter near-field actions will be expanded to similar functionality. Fast connection “one touch” — a thing standing.

Nyne Mini — column significantly easier. The set includes a brand, in a red-braided USB cable – micro USB for charging speakers and a small neoprene pouch with a carabineer.

From the front of the Mini looks about the same as Bass — the same smooth faces, the same hull shape. Only materials other: soft-touch gave way to the usual plastic. Looks good from a distance, you can even decide that it’s aluminum. But no, the metal housing is less than many would like.

On the back there was a place for the slider on-off switch and the audio input and microUSB for charging.

The front panel covers the mesh, under which there is a speaker, capable of delivering 5 watts of power. There is also a button control Mini. A small sound source a lot was not, therefore, the functions of rewind and adjust the sound delegated to the same pair of keys. Playback and answer the call brought on a separate button, so when you answer the phone to get confused don’t have to.

In the box with the Nyne Mini, you can find pretty high quality neoprene case. “Sitting” in this column is rather tight, but the sound is muffled by the minimum, and the pattern on the surface of the column allows you to use the controls of the Mini through the case. Carbine on the cover is not plastic, looks safe, so you can fearlessly use the column in this here “street” version.

Junior column from battery 2200 mAh working the same 10 hours that Bass, but to charge other devices is not trained. On the day it is also enough, and the charge rate depends on what is the source of electricity — a USB computer port or separate power supply. In any case, for 3-4 hours energy Nyne Mini is able to fill.

Pro sound large speaker, Nyne Bass, as it turned out, quite a lot are written in foreign online media, we have the same devices of this brand attention bypassed. And for good reason. This column though not audiophile never, but just to play trendy upbeat songs in all their power 20 watts out of two speakers and one low frequency radiator is able to do.

And hypertrophic the volume reserve at the expense of playback quality in the Bass do not have. A large room or a small picnic will be announced, and neighbors in office space a little music will get, but to rattle and wheeze, the speaker from Nyne will not.

Dubstep, however, bass is not enough, even in Bass — but this genre never have enough of it. But or some loco pops is please. The upper frequencies can sometimes be missed, but the middle column is working relatively (for its category). Classical music or jazz, especially if you know these songs details, listen to Nyne Bass is not worth it. However, many if while cooking and eating barbecue will enjoy Ella Fitzgerald?

Nyne Mini sounds, as expected of such devices, is quite compact. Pressure on the system is only working in small quiet spaces (for which the system and is not intended), where can be heard the hum.

But in a noisy environment on this side the sound of of attention do not pay. In the complete case to hang on backpack, belt or anywhere else and walk away from people. Hear the playback content will be good, despite the neoprene layer between the user and the music. A simple column, without claiming to be “High Sound”.

Both speakers and Bass, and Mini, know how to work with speakerphones. The range of the microphone is small, so far away from the speakers all the way down. But the “standard” placement of the speakers on the desktop near the user to answer calls quite comfortably. Interlocutors did not complain about the voice quality, and our “end” some artifacts were noted.

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