Tips for bass guitarists

Virtuoso bassist of the American group Dream Theater shares his experience. Read and play even better! Warm up warming up is needed not only athletes, but also musicians. This is an important point which will help to avoid the negative effects of long games like tendinitis (degeneration of the tendon tissue). Playing guitar is a physical activity. Take care of the muscles. Always start with slow games. Waste from 20 minutes to an hour. I warmed up on simple motifs, gradually complicating them. If not remember an easy melody to play scales. That works too.

Guitar fretboard — your assistant in fact, the fretboard of the bass guitar is a useful thing. If you start to learn scales and have no idea what and how should sound – get familiar with the location of the notes on the fretboard. Understanding will come when you will be able to see the “shape” of each scale. When these molds will settle in the muscle memory, you will have the building blocks. Will understand their position and relationship on the fretboard. Plus, it sharpens my ear. You will clearly hear what sounds bad and what is right. Do regularly If each day 3 hours to do what to do with your musical instrument will progress. It can be listening to music, learning the scales or an encounter with another point of view on the game… most Importantly, give a three-hour block of music every day. In the end, I typed a whole training day in a week. Over time, musical awareness reaches the level when it would not arise the question “what do I do next?” Discipline is to maintain a balance between music and the rest of life.

Motivation and early classes, you should Have the desire. This is important. It will help to make friends with discipline and will come in handy when something does not work as quickly as you want. In my experience they say it’s not easy. Especially in a big busy. The best way I’ve found suggests that somewhere by noon, I’m able to say “done!” And whatever happened to night, I’ve already done today’s musical goal. In learning to play the instrument I like the feeling of progress. It’s not that slow. This is something that is constantly evolving and challenging. Motivate themselves to learn the necessary things – a huge problem. In the end, only the strong desire to learn pushes you forward. Otherwise the whole discipline quickly deflate.

“Make yourself an idol”. In a good way! You should also do it, if you want to develop. Learn from other people’s songs other people’s songs is a great legal way to increase skill. The music you listen to — like an online library.

In the beginning I often played at someone’s record. John Petrucci (guitarist, Dream Theater) cover, not knowing that through them looking for their unique sound. This happened uncontrollably. And brought us to the base of the serious of the group. So began the great journey that has become an important part of my musical career. Learn to be part of the team When you start playing in a group, be it your first, second or 25th time, you and other participants set common goal – to create something significant. It is important to realize that the masterpieces are born only where everyone respects others and doing everything for the group.

And in General, it is unlikely that you will last a long time. Do not allow voltage. To be a musician – expensive thing. Most need the things no one teaches. To handle the critical situation, to work in a team, listen to thoughts and opinions of each – is vital. Don’t spare the internal resources. Look for the solution, borrow money. Do everything for your group, if you feel that your music is worth it. 9. Choose a serious tool Versatility and convenience are the main quality of the first “adult” guitar. She should be able to work in the Studio and it easy to give tough, high-quality sound. I prefer proven tools. Once, already tried a lot of guitars, I wondered — why reinvent the wheel?

Just take something really cool and convenient for you. I gravitate to the classics with a good history and track record. 10. Whatever happens, tomorrow will come new day! If you can include feelings of worthlessness or something from that Opera, not in a hurry to beat my head against the wall. This action definitely will bring you closer to the desired goal. But to the complete discouragement approx. Bad days happen to everyone. I’m just going to clear my head and come back to it the next day. It is not about weakness but about the ability to come back to it again. It’s not about “I don’t want to do this anymore,” but rather about “okay, time to escape for a short while”! Change the situation, and then come back. With a fresh look. Some days are better than others.

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