The profession of a musician Part 2

But teenagers have in learning to deal with your own body. Anyway, even to achieve the average outcome will have a lot of hard work for a long time. There are, of course, and the people to whom training is given more easily than others, but such cases are rare. Employment With the development of playing the instrument and so everything is clear – teaching is harder than in battle. But is it easy to realize himself in his beloved profession after schooling in all possible educational institutions? Oddly enough, and in this creative activity work principles are also applicable to other specialties.

That is, the chances of a complete realization of yourself as a musician not only depend on effort and talent, but also from external factors. Let me explain. In almost any field there is competition among professionals. And the more the country these people, the harder it is to find a job. Higher education institutions produce hundreds of professionals per year, and that latter-day experts can get tens. Do not take into account talented people whose abilities were seen on time – their career usually starts at a young age. But what if one of the stars from the sky is not enough: tool with grief in half, mastered the theory of schooled, the practice of representation has, despite the difficulties, sees himself only as a musician. Between you and me, for him everything is just beginning. In this case, the most lucky graduates variety of branches, because it is easier for them to cooperate.

They can easily recruit like-minded people and to put together your own group or band. Another question is how profitable such a venture, because some of the musicians still need to eat and dress. My experience tells me that even good performers only have enough money for basic needs. Sad but true. If you dream of financial prosperity – in any case do not go to the musicians. Least likely to get rich graduates of classics departments. Performers, composers and theorists are doomed to lack of money, only if suddenly a miracle will happen.

To get into a good orchestra, to secure stable earnings, almost unreal. To work on some schlock means to be prepared from time to time to starve. Write own music in academic genres, like death. Remains teaching activities, part-time work Studio musician at restaurants, tutoring or the development of related professions (engineer, for example). High salary and opportunities for self-realization? Never heard of it. If the person is full of ambition and eager to show the world your talent, then in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred it is waiting for the collapse of all hope, accompanied by deep frustration.

These would be artists, in the end, from lack of demand tend to fall into a protracted depression, which usually ends with the burial of his ego, dreams, and rainbow fantasies. If a musician does not have time to retrain, that his whole creative activity very soon mutates into a dull and hopeless routine. But all this darkness waiting for the “facelift”, what happens to those who were able to overcome the external circumstances and to realize themselves in the profession? There is also not as smooth as I would like. First, the music will take a lot of time that will inevitably affect your personal life. Lucky, only if you meet understanding partner who won’t tear the musician for his ongoing employment and periodic loss of the domestic sphere. Secondly, the financial issue.

As I mentioned above, professional musicians don’t become millionaires. Thirdly, a successful performer and composer throughout his career will have to deal with creative people, and therefore not always easy in communication and cooperation. Finally, in order not to lose position, the musician will be forced to continuously develop. And this applies not only to hone technique, but also in-depth study of other art forms, development of new activities and other things. That is, will have to plow without stopping. All of the above horrors, in fact, threatened is not for everyone and can even circumvent a person’s party if he feels that the very space he was willed to become a musician. It is extremely rare, but if it comes to mind the idea that without music life will lose the most important thing, then try to realize themselves in this area certainly is.

Yes, it will be difficult. But nothing compares to the feelings experienced by the musician while playing in front of an audience. Yes, the boat save will not work. But unless the yacht guarantees a happy life? Yes, a professional will take away most of the time. But does real music doesn’t deserve it? Let every man answer all the questions and decides for himself than he is willing to sacrifice for his goal and that he will get in return when it is reached. And if the choice will fall on this difficult profession, it is important to realize that it will be necessary to always give our best, otherwise it makes no sense to even try.

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